BACK Kitchen trends 2021-2022

Kitchen trends 2021-2022

2021. 11. 19
Kitchen trends 2021-2022

What did the past few years bring for us all? For our money, endless challenges and a wide range of possibilities. You might have found a great podcast, or realize new potentials in your home. You could work from your bed or terrace in your pajamas. You surely discovered new things about yourself, and you might have dived deep into breadmaking. One theme was common, though: you had to rethink what home means to you, and how you can realize that aforementioned potential to the maximum. If you’re ready for the next level, and you’re planning to refurbish your kitchen, or may have already started it, but you’re in need of some professional advice, read on! In our latest blogpost, we compiled some of the hottest trends in modern kitchen design.


A central area in our homes for cooking, eating, familiar conversations and social interactions, kitchens have expanded in the past years to become our work and learning spaces as well. For those living with others, it has become a necessity to be able to transform any interior into a suitable living area either temporarily or permanently. Thanks to a number of recent innovations, such as opening and modular countertops, freestanding furniture and storage units, many new opportunities have arisen in the kitchen for reorganization, making built-in and rather immovable solutions history. This is complemented by the most modern and design conscious kitchen concepts of hidden features and flexible solutions.

Hidden kitchens and handles

Hidden handles and push-to-open solutions have long become standards in clean and ergonomic kitchens. Their main advantage is in their contribution to your free and unobstructed movement in the kitchen, but there’s much more to them! An increasing number of brands are offering recessed containers in the worktop, and the concealment of your entire kitchen furniture has also become a reality, making it a desirable approach in American-style kitchens. You might want to take a look at Porcelanosa Group and Gamadecor, distributed in Hungary by Palatinus, for a number of stunning examples!


Judging by the latest announcements of the paint industry, the color green seems to stay with us for a bit longer. Some of the latest releases in 2022 include bay leaf, evergreen and olives. Green shades provide us with a sense of calm and security, while keeping the environment fresh and lively. A color of rejuvenation, green is expected to make its mark on the furniture and walls of the modern kitchen in a number of variants, from soft pastel through elegant greenish-gray to striking emerald.

Ribbed wood panels

Sustainability and the presence of natural materials in interior design are notions that will stay with us. Along with finely polished surfaces, ribbed wood panels are also experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to their intriguing texture. We are happy to say that collections of Old Line, Italian masters of woodwork, will be readily available in Hungary thanks to Indagroup. Get a glimpse of their world in our interview with the brand!

Stones of character

Marble will hardly go out of style, ever. But instead of the subtle, classical look of antique statues, new wall and worktop solutions will double down on extraordinary marble finishes with strong veins. Natural stones and a diverse range of durable composite materials await those who are hoping to find a unique identity for their kitchens.

Variety is the spice of life

Say goodbye to the dominance of unified, minimalistic looks in the kitchen, and seek refuge at home in striking contrasts, mixed use of materials and the combination of both modern and vintage design ideas. Wood and metal, femininity and masculinity, and a number of seemingly different concepts will help you establish your personal style at home.

If you’re still undecided on the perfect design for your kitchen, be sure to visit the Kitchen Show between February 25-27, 2022 to explore the latest trends and product releases, and to meet with professionals. Delve into the colorful scene of kitchen design, find inspiration at the exhibitors’ area and seek the advice of our partners and designers!

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