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The hottest gastro trends of 2022

2022. 02. 17
The hottest gastro trends of 2022

The flavors of Asia, smoky BBQ, umami and sustainability - according to international gastronomy experts, these are the trends in 2022. Read on and spice up your kitchen life with our selection!

Asia moves into your kitchen!

Asian flavors dominate the gastronomic trends of 2022, so if you’re not already a fan of Far Eastern cuisine, it’s time to expand your pantry in this direction. Although less well-known in our country, Sriracha is one of the world’s most popular hot sauces. If you want to spice up your meals and like a strong flavor, get yourself a bottle!

Speaking of flavors with character, have you heard of yuzu, or Japanese lemon? A fruit with loads of vitamin C, it looks like a tangerine but tastes like a mix of lemon and grapefruit. In Japan, it is used in various ways: raw, as a sauce, dried. If you’re curious, you can find products with yuzu on the shelves of oriental food stores.

Want to wash down all that deliciousness with a nice spirit? Next time, serve your guests with pajciu instead of snaps. This high-alcohol Chinese drink is a grain spirit - like whisky or gin - made from sorghum or rice.

The fifth taste

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and the mysterious fifth flavor, umami. In Eastern cuisines, umami is essential, elsewhere in the world it is usually described as ’Chinese flavor’ or ’meat flavor’, but it actually refers to the presence of monosodium glutamate. You can taste it in tomatoes, cheeses, fish and spinach, among other things. Fun fact: the very first encounter with umami in our lives occurs during breastfeeding.

Pepper and balsamic vinegar

Many chefs are rediscovering the sweet and tangy flavor of balsamic vinegar, which can be used to dress even the simplest salads when you want to make a big splash in front of your guests.

Ha pedig borsról van szó, nem minden fekete vagy fehér. Érdemes kísérletezni ezzel a közkedvelt fűszerrel is, ugyanis egészen új ízvilágot nyújthat például a And when it comes to pepper, not everything is black or white. It’s worth experimenting with this popular spice. For example, Szechuan red pepper or Sarawak pepper can offer a whole new world of flavor.

BBQ instead of grilling

Barbecue means cooking slowly over wood or charcoal, indirectly, in hot smoke, at a constant low heat (between 110-150 degrees). So it takes time - and a good BBQ egg - but it’s worth the effort, because the taste of smoke-cooked food is an unparalleled experience for meat lovers.

Do it yourself!

Have you noticed that cookbooks are becoming more popular and diverse? It’s no coincidence, as many people prefer to flip through books in the kitchen, illustrated with beautiful photos and written by real culinary experts, rather than online recipes. Looking for a real challenge? Advanced home cooks make vinegar, cheese and beer at home! All using special purpose-built kitchen appliances and tools.


Even if you don’t want to homebrew, make sure you have timeless kitchen equipment in your home - from pots to large appliances! It’s worth leaving that extra cash at the till if you know you’ll have your beloved frying pan or chef’s knife as your everyday companion for years to come. If you don’t have to buy a new one every two years, you’ll be doing the planet a favor!

For more trends, novelties and unforgettable gastronomic moments, visit the Kitchen Expo at the Budapest Arena between 22-24 April, where you can get to know the products of 100 exhibitors and even take part in exciting programmes! On the Miele Main Stage, there will be cooking shows on all three days of the event, where you can learn the best recipes from experienced chefs and food bloggers.

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