BACK Kitchen design guide for 2022

Kitchen design guide for 2022

2022. 02. 17
Kitchen design guide for 2022

A dream kitchen is made up of a plethora of details: you need furniture, surfaces, small and large appliances, all in harmony to make it a reality. We will cover all these areas at this year’s Kitchen Show, but in 2022 we are showcasing a wider range of kitchen furniture than ever before for kitchen lovers and those about to build or renovate their homes. We’ve previously published a modest kitchen trend summary, but now you’re reading a comprehensive guide consisting of just about everything that will shape the present and foreseeable future of kitchen design. With the expert help of 0614 Design’s stylist Kata Hortobágyi, we present no less than 20 inspiring trends in this article, that can be applied separately or combined for a truly unique result.

1. Colorful kitchens

The trend for perky kitchens continues, with Memphis-style colors and playful shapes dominating. Feel free to vary the shades of the fronts, look for colorful accessories or pair pastel tiles with colored grout! Further enhance the relaxed feel by mixing open and closed storage units.

2. Floating shelf and stone cladding instead of closed cupboard

Floating shelves can make your kitchen feel more airy, and beautiful stones and marble can add a touch of elegance to your interior. To keep it breezy, don’t overcrowd the shelves and leave room for decorative accessories or artwork. Choose this design if you want to focus on aesthetics rather than practicality, and if you have enough space for storage.

3. Classic ranges, impressive sinks and hoods

As well as vintage and rustic-style gas ranges, fancy enamel and ceramic sinks and grandiose, eye-catching extractor hoods are also becoming trendy (see our previous article for some exciting options to the latter). You can place these in a traditional, country-style kitchen, but they’re also great alongside more streamlined, modern kitchen furniture or in an eclectic space.

4. World of wood

The beauty and natural warmth of wood creates a welcoming atmosphere in kitchens. This year, choose woods with a medium to darker brownish tone typical of the 70s, like walnut! If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, you can also use wood to cover larger surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

5. Special stones

Add elegance and character to your kitchen with stones of spectacular veins and unique shades. Today, you can choose from a wide range of natural and composite materials that can be used as countertops, stand-alone islands, floor and wall coverings. Not only are they breathtakingly attractive, they’re typically enduring and easy to clean, so you can enjoy their brilliant appearance for years to come.

6. Diverging fronts

You can create an exciting and cool space by boldly combining different top and bottom fronts, or even handles. You don’t need to commit to a single color and material, but you should keep the harmony of colors and styles you choose in mind.

7. Painted kitchens

Don’t want to embark on a full kitchen renovation project, but tired of the old one? Then chalk paint is made for you! Annie Sloan Hungary has a fantastic range of shades to choose from, and thanks to the wide product palette, you’re sure to find a tone that fits in perfectly to your home’s existing interior design concept. As well as the kitchen furniture, you can also dress the walls in the same color to enhance the sense of space, or experiment by adding separate colors to the lower and upper fronts.

8. Refreshed fronts

A number of creative companies work with designers to produce a range of fronts tailored to Ikea Method kitchens (such as Fropt, Reform and &Shufl), so you can have a completely unique, personalized kitchen by re-dressing your old Ikea kitchen. If you’re not looking to invest in a whole new kitchen, they’re worth checking out!

9. Dark kitchens

Dark kitchens are still popular, and it’s no wonder: their elegant, dramatic and masculine effect is unquestionable. It’s worth experimenting with alternating matte and glossy finishes, but you can also try more theatrical tricks and pairings. It’s important to remember, however, that a black or dark-toned kitchen will only be truly attractive if you keep it clean.

10. Rounded shapes

The aesthetic of the 70s is not only back in music and fashion, it’s also flowing into kitchens. Organic, curved shapes can be seen on kitchen cabinets, islands, counters and hoods, with oval or round tables to match

11. Walls covered with small elements

If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen walls, go for a wall covering with small elements! Striped, mosaic-effect backsplashes, dark wood and a few occasional metallic details are also reminiscent of 70s American kitchens. The overall effect is elegant yet welcoming and warm.

12. Rustic and natural materials

The dominance of natural materials cannot be emphasized enough. Combine natural stones, rustic, beautiful wood finishes and a touch of bronze, glass or raw metal to create a sophisticated and balanced interior. When it comes to colors, keep it simple: go for natural, black and white tones.

13. Special floors

It’s unusual, but all the more eye-catching to put the emphasis on the floor this year. Instead of square or rectangular, somewhat boring classic tiles, go for an organic or mosaic layout! It’s also flashy if the floor and the backsplash of the kitchen countertop have the same covering.

14. Waving wood

Corrugated wood panels are not only popular in living rooms and furniture, they are also great for kitchens. The trendy curved shapes mentioned earlier are great for covering ribbed wood surfaces, adding an exciting texture to highlight a detail. In this article, we’ve featured a brand not available in Hungary before, whose products will give you further inspiration.

15. Eclectic world

A popular style for creative personalities and artistic spirits can naturally find a place in the kitchen. Mixing new and old with unique and creative solutions creates bold and truly unique interiors. Vintage furniture, artworks and decorative elements with character evoke a sense of freedom.

16. Kitchen island in bench role

An alternative to a kitchen island and bar stool combo is to replace the chairs with a bench. You can place your stylish kitchen bench in front of, next to or under the kitchen island, or even as part of the island to make the most of the space.

17. Metallic surfaces

Shiny or matte - either is a good choice, but it’s best to combine the two. For smaller rooms, glossy finishes are particularly beneficial, as reflective surfaces can help to expand the space. Apart from the popular copper and bronze, corroded finishes are exciting and can be paired well with stone, wood, concrete and even bright, strong colors.

18. Tiled counters and islands

You can cover a countertop or a kitchen island with smaller tiles. Whether you choose a rustic, glossy finish (also known as a subway) or a smooth, matte finish, they all make for a striking appearance.

19. The renaissance of the pantry

The changing rhythm of our lives in recent years has brought a renewed focus on the role of the pantry in the home: keeping everything within reach in case we need to stay indoors for long periods became more important. A great pantry cupboard or a dedicated, walk-in storage room designed with practical storage solutions in mind will certainly serve you well in the future.

20. Minimlist kitchens

Clean, uncluttered designer kitchens have taken a back seat recently, but they’re still with us. Huge doors that conceal everything and striking yet simple island variations create an elegant and sophisticated interior. Entering a wall-to-wall minimalist space like this, we often forget we’re in a kitchen.

Want to get a closer look at the trends above? Come to the Budapest Arena between 22-24, April, 2022, where we’ll be waiting for you with the latest products! Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiring content!

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